Goodbye my little Black Bird.*

I write this to say goodbye.

Black bird, you were so beautiful when I first saw you and took you in, your perfectly black feathers, your sparkling eyes that shone like pebbles your beak as sharp as a sword.

Little did I know you were a little crow, preying on me.

And after all the pecking and poking all the scars remained.

The thoughts in my head mostly bad, kept replaying the days I took you in tried to comfort you, protect you, hold you close and mend your broken wings.

But you were a wild bird, all you wanted to do was fly away. So the more I took care of you the more you pecked and poked and scarred me.

Now I try to place a good memory in my head so that I can be free, let you go and say goodbye black bird.

You are still beautiful to me but you are better off being free.

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