The bottom of my glass *

You are like the bottom of my glass.

Being with you isn’t a breeze, it’s not like a walk in the park.
It’s not like a 5 star restaurant or a crystal champagne glass.

Being with you is like drinking a bottle of wine out of a bottomless glass.

Oh but at first its gloomy and it seems like there is no hope then I drink you up and I have hope to cope.

So why drink when I very well know that, when I’m done with this glass it all goes cold.

Joy and smiles once I’ve had my fill and then it wears off and I’m down below, like a bad hang over, so then I hurry to find my next fix but the alcohol has gone dry so I drink some lemon mix…

And then…I drink some more wine and it happens again, a smile and a dance in my step.

…so now what? Do we repeat it again, and again, and again.

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