The assumption of a smile.

The assumption that one is inlove with someone else when they have a smile on their face.

The assumption is they have met someone new.

The assumption could be that self love was greater than any love one can ever have.

The assumption could be that the person has been set free.

The assumption could simply be a reflection of the peace in the soul, shining outword for the world to see.

Perhaps the answer is simple and we should simply stop assuming and ask why people are smiling.

Their story might just be the key to setting yourself free.

The version of me.

They all see a different version of me and all of them are true.

The soft, timid version of me is only true to you.

I may not be eccentric, I might not be load but the version of me that is not seem by all is me completely out.

No one has truly seen the full version of me, do I even know who she is…

Is she sweet, innocent or carefree.

The version you see, is just the version of me I feel comfortable to be when you are with me.

Low back tattoo.*

I am not my low back tattoo.

I am not the bad stigma attached to it.

I am not a tramp.

I am the respect I give myself.

I am the respect I give others.

I am a women with flaws, scars and a past.

My lower back tattoo does not define me.

Your judgement says more about you.

Strangers with purpose.

Stranges were put infront of me miles away from home.

The strangers were not the two of you.

But they might as well have been.

Those strangers, made me cringe, lose my breath, shook my hope.

Those strangers prepared me for what one of you would post.

Those stranger were there for a purpose.

Strangers to prepare me for darkness that would just pass me by.

Strangers who reminded me that the pain was temporary.

I shaped it in the air.

And I took the words, the thoughts and actions…

And I

I shaped it.

I shaped it in the air, using nothing but my will to release it and release you.

You are the death of me…

Not me but spiritually

You are beneath me and it’s all gone.

I can move on.

What if HE is the way.

What if when you died you could feel all the pain and joy you have ever felt.

And what if you could measure it by holding the weight of each in your hands like a scale.

What if you felt that your weight of joy out weighed all the pain in your life.

What if you finally truely saw how blessed you were.

What if your joy was the only way to the heavens .

What if He was the way. ❇

What would you do?

Have blessed Good Friday.

Just a dream.

I think it was a dream…

I can’t be too sure.

There was a moment in time I was happy and the whole world seemed at peace.

They were all as happy as me.

I mean everyone around me had so much joy.

I don’t remember an event, or a timeline.

Maybe it was just a dream.

I think it was just a dream…

I saw the world at peace for just a moment.

Can I scream

Can I scream at the top of my lungs?

Can I shout, I have had enough?

Can I scream till I run out of breath?

Can I shout, cause I just want it to stop?

Can I scream beacuse I am tired?

Can I shout and make it all change?

Truth is I don’t even know how to scream, even that’s hard.

I think of a place.

Sometimes I think of a place…

A place far from home.

It’s a place I sometimes call my home.

I think of a place, I once made memories…

But when I think of this place it’s like it was all just a dream.

Sometimes I think of a place, where I felt free…

A place where I finally became me.

I think of a place that will always be special to me.

If I sit here.

If I sit here long enough, my dreams will come true.

If I sit here often enough, my dreams will come true.

If I sit here alone, my dreams will come true.

If I sit here without expections, my dreams will come true.

If I just sit here, just maybe my dreams will come true.