Fake it till you make it.

Are we all just faking it till we make it?

When you see me, you will see a smile on my face.

When you talk to me, most of the time there is this optimism.

When you look at my clothes, the colours are so bright or a statement is being made.

When you read my words am I faking it till I make it?

Are we all just faking it till we make it?

If I could lock away my heart.*

If I could rip out my heart and lock it in a box, like the evil queen in ‘The land of stories’.

I would lock it in a box and give the key to the one who broke it.

Chances are that person would lose or neglect the one thing that could open the box.

But I would never have to feel these things again.

Wouldn’t that be something to just lock your heart away.

We’ll be fine.

You’ll be fine and so will I.

You have troubles that need solutions, so do I.

You have pain somewhere inside, so do I.

You’ll be fine and so will I.

Sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed.

Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep.

You’ll be fine and so will I.

There are times when it feels like something is missing.

There are times when you feel lost and overwhelmed.

But you’ll be fine and so will I.

Your imperfections make you perfect*

In a world full of bullies and mean people, pushing you down, telling you you are not good enough.

You try so hard to show off this perfect image.

I see you though.

Your perfect hair, your perfect smile, your perfect exterior.

Those are not what makes you perfect.

What makes you perfect to me are those little imperfections.

A snag here and there, a slip, a trip, a oops.

That’s what makes you perfect to me.

One day she will be loved.

One day she will move in slow motion.

One day she will be the focus subject of photo captured with the naked eye.

One day her words will sound like a melody.

One day her passion will look like a Broadway show.

One day her love will sound like a master piece at a symphony.

One day someone will want to love her, with every heart beat.

One day she will be loved.

Don’t hide

Don’t hide your beauty.

Don’t hide your heart.

Don’t hide what brings you joy.

Hiding who you are, is too high of a price for a life that YOU have to live with.

Those around you will leave or pass away, but you live with YOU until your dying day.

Don’t hide yourself…

Don’t hide yourself from others.

Don’t hide yourself to make them happy.

Don’t hide yourself to fit in.

Don’t hide.

Your scars will not define you.

Holding on to the things that make you bleed will not make you look stronger.

It’s the smile you have on your face and the joy you display.

Don’t pick at the wound that needs to heal.

Enjoy the moments in the now.

Let the pain of yesterday not distract you from the things right infront of you.

They will see the real you, if they are supposed to.

Not everyone deserves you.

Freedom from within.

As I walk down these streets, for the first time in months.

I see the beauty in the colors of the sky.

I see the sun setting on a beautiful day.

And I remember…

I remember a time, I was once free.

Not the kind of free coming out of quarantine.

The kind of free in my soul.

Could it be that I have been trapped, all these year and I’m finally letting go.

Letting go of what, I do not know.

But I feel free in my soul.