When I let go.

Letting you go is always hard, I always battle.

But letting you go is the best part.

When I let you go, I find myself.

When I let you go, I am me again.

The music sounds better, I can hear every beat and feel every emotion in the keys, of music without lyrics.

When I let you go, it hurts and I give up on love.

But when I let you go I look to God above, to be lavished in His love.

I no longer hold on to the bad memories and the anger.

But this time when I let you go, I will remember the good times.

And I will finally let you go.

She was stronger than they thought.

They tried to stop her from shining.

They tried to stop her from spreading the positivity.

But she was stronger then they thought.

She lifted others up with tears in her eyes and a stake in her heart.

They tried to stop her joy from spreading during the hard times.

But she was just to strong to hold back what was deep inside her core.

They tried to make her feel small.

But she stood tall and faced her giants and help others with theirs.

She was still fulfilling her call.

She was stronger than they thought.

I build myself back up.

I am a wall, firm, strong, independent.

Then you come along and you smash each part of it.

The pieces pile up some are broken some remain whole.

So I put myself together again and build up my wall.

Surely you can see the cracks, the tiny piece missing.

Those parts have crumbled and turned into dust.

But it’s okay, I will build myself back up.

The storm will pass my love.

Just because the sun is not shining or the sky is not clear does not mean it is not a good day.

Light grey sky, nothing but birds chirping and a cold breeze.

But there is a stillness in the air, a stillness in the streets.

A storm is coming but after the storm has passed comes the sunshine.

We sit in the stillness of our own sadness, awaiting the storm to hit. Not sure how long the rain will last.

But this stillness will pass and the storm will wash away yesterday’s pain.

A fresh day will begin and you will be in my arms again.

You gamble with your heart.

You’ve played this game before my love, you lose everytime.

You thought you had the winning hand.

You gamble with your heart like you have nine lives.

You play a dangerous game and you never win,  not even a little.

You gamble with your heart, and now you have nothing left.

You thought this time was different, but the truth is you play with thieves.

You gamble with your heart, because all you want to do is give.